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Parts Price List

Please note: If you are paying for the parts all blanks through credit card info must be filled in to process your parts order request. 
If this is a "Warranty Parts Order" the respective factory will bear the cost

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Color Name:
Color Number: Note: You can usually get this info from the label in/on the headrail.
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If you did not purchase the blinds/shades from Blinds For Less are you willing to pay for the required parts and shipping? If so, the following is a partial list of  parts we charge for. Please fill out the following credit card info if you are paying for the charges.

Parts price list:

Replacement slats for wood or metal blinds: $8 each + $15 shipping & handling (for boxes less than 104" long)  minimum (5) slats. Go to to learn how to remove and replace slats.

Note: We'll need to know the exact width of the slats as well as the distance from the center of the route holes to the nearest end of the slat. If there is a difference in the distances from the center of the route holes to their respective closest ends please note which is left/right.

Re-stringing kits for wood blinds, faux wood, honeycomb and pleated shades, etc.: $15 each. One kit needed for each shade. Minimum order: (3) kits. Include width x height for each shade you want a kit for please. Shipping: $10 per order (not per kit). Pleated Shade kits require the color number of the shade fabric. This can be found on the Mfr's. label attached to the headrail. Vertical blinds must be sent to the factory for re-stringing, same for all types of  blinds and roman shades. See "Repair Request" form for pricing and "Repair Procedure". 

Valance clips for wood or metal blinds, Hold-down brackets, and Mounting brackets: $25 for 10 of any combination + $15 shipping & handling.

End-caps for Honeycomb/Pleated Shades: $28 + $15 shipping & handling for 10 -20 caps.

Miscellaneous parts: $50 for up to 10 pieces, including shipping & handling. 

Wood Valances: $25 each + $15 shipping & hand.

Minimum charge is $25 + $15 shipping & handling (for boxes less than 104" long). This is for everything not covered above.


If you want "non-warranty" parts please fill in the following "credit card" blanks:

Credit Card:   Credit Card #:  Note: Please put dash after every fourth number.
Exp. Mo.: Exp. Yr.:  CID #:
Note: See back of credit card, right 3 digits after cc # (for added security).
Bill to Address: City:  
State: Zip:
(Note: "Bill to Address" is where your credit card statement is sent).
                                                           (please verify all digits are entered correctly.)

All parts are charged for when order is placed with Blinds For Less. No refunds or cancellations. Confirmation of your order will be emailed to you automatically when you click the "Submit" button below. By submitting this form customer agrees to pay for the above parts in full via above described credit card information.

Please print a copy of this form for your records, if you like.

Your " Confirmation" form will appear after you press SUBMIT.

By submitting this order form you agree to purchase all the items listed above via the described credit card information above.
  You further agree that this order cannot be cancelled after submitted via this internet form, and that you have read, 
understand and agree to our Product "Return Policy" .

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Be sure to store your boxes in a cool dry place once you have unpacked your blinds/shades.

Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty: warrants/guarantees against defects in material and workmanship for the time the original purchaser owns the blind/shade providing it was properly installed in a residence or commercial location.


For additional information please contact us.

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