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Our Privacy Statement

At Blinds For Less your privacy and security are important to us so we use secure encrypted servers (SSL) for our online Order Forms to insure the privacy and security of the information you enter onto the forms, such as your name, ship to and bill to addresses, credit card  information, contact phone number, and email address. By filling out and submitting one of our online order forms you are agreeing to allow us to use the information entered onto the form for the purpose of processing immediate payment in full for your order and using only the information necessary to get your order processed and shipped to you by third party fabricators. None of the personal information you give us in the above manner will ever be rented, sold, or otherwise distributed to any third party (except for your name, ship to address, contact phone number, and email address given only to the fabricator (s) responsible for fabricating and shipping your order to you).

Everything we sell is "custom made" and is therefore only useful to the customer who ordered it. As such it is not returnable to the fabricator who made it, nor may it be cancelled, for that customer (see our "Return Policy" via its link on any of our webpages for additional info). Payment in full with the placement of your order is necessary in order to get your order custom made and shipped to you by one of our many fabricators. The fabricators'/manufacturers' warranties are easily accessed via a click on our "Warranties" link at the bottom of every one of our webpages, for your convenience. 

Your "order confirmation" will appear on your computer monitor within seconds after placing your order (clicking the "Submit" button on the order form). The order confirmation will have all the details of your order on it and is available to you for printing to your printer. Soon thereafter we will have reviewed your order form and will either contact you regarding any questions we may need clarified or send you your "email price confirmation" which you may also print to your printer. These two documents serve as your order receipt. This system prevents any "cookies" from being used or placed on your computer, thus preventing any tracing, back tracking, or any other possible invasion into your computer by anyone attempting to gain access to your computer via your visit to our web site. We do not use "cookies". In this manner we feel secure in the belief that your information will only be used for placing your order and nothing else.

Your personal information is not kept in our database and only authorized personnel may process your order and payment. We do not maintain a database of our customers' personal information for advertising, etc. purposes. 

If you would rather place your order via telephone or fax we will confirm your order with you via our Sales Agreement which must be signed by you and returned to us before your order can be placed.

We have designed the above system to not only protect your personal identity and information but also to give a personal touch to processing your order with your best interests in mind.

We will continue to update/upgrade our site, as the need arises, to provide you with the latest changes in product information, pricing, available color selections, etc. 

Please note: all warranties, expressed or implied, are the responsibility of the respective fabricator (s) of your order. Blinds For Less, its owner (s) and employees make no representations or warranties of any kind, express or implied regarding the operation of the website, the information, products, materials, content within this website.


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All product Warranties are the sole responsibility of the respective fabricator.

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