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Note: Suncoast closed its doors in July 2010...sorry to see them go.

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1/2" Micro Blinds Discontinued by Suncoast

(Minimum order: 5 blinds)

We sell only "Custom Made" Blinds, Shades, & Shutters to your Width x Height any/all colors available by the manufacturer you choose!!!

Aluminum Mini Blinds...another choice for those who want privacy, light control, elegance, beauty, and one of the least expensive window treatments in the window fashion business.  There are many styles and a wide selection of colors to choose from. You can choose the privacy, light control and energy efficiency you prefer from several brand names within the industry. The price schedule below reflects Suncoast Window Fashions' Advantage collection.
Mini blinds come in a variety of colors. Each blind is the same color on the back side facing outside as it is on the inside.
Please visit a local interior design center to verify colors. In some collections, such as the "De-light" by Hunter Douglas and others you are relieved of even the slightest light which normally shoots through the string holes as the holes have been eliminated.
Mini blinds provide an average amount of insulation when fully down and allow a clear view  by only rotating the slats with the wand tilt control. Insulation quality is is still available as the slats block the direct rays of the sun if tilted only against their angle of attack.  You may also purchase, at a slightly higher price,  a higher grade "designer" type blind which come in many more colors, have fancier headrails and valances, and are generally made of .008 gauge metal.
All units come with a factory limited lifetime warranty which covers defects in materials and workmanship for as long as the original retail purchaser owns the product.
Like any fine furnishings your new  mini blinds should be dusted regularly to keep them looking new.  Use a soft, clean cloth, chemically-treated dust cloth, or dusting mitt. You may also vacuum with a brush attachment.
Your new mini blinds will serve you with long lasting warmth and beauty adding a visual comfort and privacy level you deserve in your fine home.


Suncoast Advantage 1" Aluminum Mini Blind Price Table

(Suncoast Mini Blind Base Price Table)
Note optional upgrades below price table for different styles or configurations!!

(Minimum order: 5 blinds)

"PRICE": Round up your width to next number on width scale, 
then round up your height to next number on height scale.... column and row intersect at your price!

Physical "SIZE" is custom made per width x height dimensions that you order.

Sample quote: 31 x 61 = $35 x 1.3 = $46

Note: Add $5.00 per blind or shade for fabricator shipping and handling.



Options & Add-Ons

For a 2-on-1 Headrail Mini Blind Price the two Individual blinds and Add $17 


Suncoast "Advantage" Mini Blind Specifications

Minimum Width = 5"        Maximum Width = 120"

Maximum Height = 144"



Suncoast "Advantage" Mini Blind Colors

Gloss White 018

Vanilla 636

Almost White 665

Black 012

Matte White 014

Alabaster 017

Fawn 631

Char Brown 662

Garnet Red 255

Grey Sheen 693

Morning Blue 230

Light Azalea 509

Gulf Blue 617

Smokey Grey 626

Gloss Black 070


The above colors are intended to be close approximations of the exact colors.  Your browser may interpret the colors differently so we put brief descriptions next to the colors we felt beneficial. Please make your selections accordingly. Blinds For Less assumes no liability for color precision. All color coding in black above is purely descriptive, i.e. the "whites" are white not black.


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Mini Blind

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All sales are Final...Measure Carefully!

Thank you for visiting.....try our on-line "Secure Order Form"'s easy and fast!!!!

Note: Add $5.00 per blind or shade for fabricator shipping and handling.