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Instructions For Installation and Maintenance of Your Horizontal Blinds

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Graber Crystal Pleat Vienna and other Sheer Horizontals        
Graber Wood Blind Installation


Graber Crystal Pleat Skylight

Vertical Blind

  Sheer Radiance   Wood Slat Replacement    

Please note: for installation and/or measuring in the Atlanta area Metroplex please call Paul Boehmig at 404.786.2787
and pay installation fee to him directly.
Paul will also measure for you for a nominal fee, if you wish.

Get acquainted with your horizontal blind components and terms prior to installing. Treat your blinds with care beginning with the installation.

Suggested tools need to complete installation are: Pencil; Slotted or 1/4" Nut Screw Driver; Hand or electric drill; 3/32" Bit; and Measuring Tape.

Inside, Outside or ceiling mount: your blind has been produced exactly to your specifications to fit inside or outside your window frame. You may want to pre-drill holes into the mounting surface. Screw the screws through the bracket into the mounting surface.


1.) Place the headrail of the blind where you desire to mount it.
Care must be taken to mount the headrail level. This can be done by lowering the headrail to clear any obstructions. Once it is positioned properly, pencil a reference mark at each end of the headrail.

2.) Mount the end brackets
Each blind comes with 2 brackets and 4 screws. Brackets are marked left and right. On outside or ceiling mounts, brackets should be spaced an additional 1/4" on each side of headrail. Place brackets at the reference mark and mark the screw holes with a pencil. Select diagonal (right top left bottom) holes to assure a secure installation and avoid splitting the window frame. Space center support brackets evenly along the width of the blind. Position each bracket so that it will not interfere with the hardware inside the headrail. Line-up the top of the center support bracket with the top of the end brackets, mark for screws. Insert and tighten screws through all brackets. making sure all brackets are straight and level.

3.) The following should be done prior to the final installation of the blind.
The valance that is sent with all blinds will be attached with either of the following items; Pre-attached hook and loop tape (instructions to follow) or with valance clips, that will need to be attached to the headrail at this point. 
Next if the tilter is a wand and it was not pre-attached, the wand should now be attached to the tilter shaft.

4.) Mount the blind
Mount the blind by sliding the headrail into the brackets. Press the front hinged cover plate until it snaps in place.

5.) To install the valance
If with clips, insert the valance into the clips. If with the pre-attached hook and loop, remove the covering from the adhesive strip and gently push the valance against hook and loop tape strips for adherence.
Note: Once hook and loop tape is adhered it can not be removed.

**If hold down brackets were requested they can be installed after blind has been hung. Release blind to full length and mark each side of blind directly across from hold down pin in bottom rail. Make sure that marks are placed at the same level of the door/wall. Place top of hold down bracket at mark, screw the brackets to the mounting surface. Pull blind down and slip the pins into the brackets and bottom rail. 


Wand tilter is standard for 1" and optional for 2". Must specify.
Turn the wand and the slats will tilt. Turning the wand to the left will tilt the slats upward. Turning the wand to the right will tilt the slats downward.

Cord tilter is standard for 2" blinds (only available for 2" blinds).
Move either of the two cords and the slats will tilt. Pulling the cord on the left will tilt slats downward. Pulling the cord on the right will tilt the slats upward. As an easy reminder for which coed moves slats downward or upward, shorten right cord by lifting tassel and retying a knot at a higher level so that after any use this cord will remain shorter. In doing so it is easy to remember: short cord up; long cord down.

Raising and lowering:
Always keep slats fully open, not tilted, when raising or lowering your blind. To raise pull the lift cord straight down. The locking mechanism is a sliding rod type and it will lock automatically when cord is released. To lower the blind, move lift cord toward center of blind and slowly raise your hand while holding onto the cord. To lock blind in position, move the cord back to its straight down position and release.

Treat the blind as you would any fine piece of furniture. Dust with a soft clean cloth or dusting mitt. Dust is easily brushed off especially when done at regular intervals.


Graber "Skylight" Installation (All "Skylights" have similar instructions).


Graber 2" Wood Blind Installation


Wood Blind Slat Replacement

Please take a look inside the headrail to see what the color name and number are. You'll need this to put on our online Parts Request form at .
We'll need to know the exact width of the slats as well as the distance from the center of the route holes to the nearest end of the slat. If there is a difference in the distances from the center of the route holes to their respective closest ends please note which is left/right.
Then just fill out and submit our secure online Parts Request form and the slats will be shipped directly to you.
Basic Instructions:
To remove slats just pop off the buttons on the bottom of the bottom rail, undo the knots, pull the lift cords up high enough to remove the slats, remove the slats and replace with new slats.
Then, re-route the lift cords back thru the route holes, thru their respective holes in the bottom rail, tie knots in the string so the string won't slip back thru the holes and replace the buttons. All done!
Note: check the level of the bottom rail to make sure it's level; if it isn't then re-tie the knots till it is.


For additional information please contact us.

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