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    Question: How do I get a price...or compute a price on a blind/shade?

    Answer: Round up the width to the next number on the "width" scale across the top of the price table; do the same with the "height" scale on the left side of the price table. Where the column and row intersect is your price. No sales tax (outside Georgia) or shipping charges (under 104" in width) for delivery within continental U.S. Be sure to review surcharges listed below price tables for upgrades and add-on features.



    Question: What is the difference between "blinds" and "shades?


A "blind" has slats, like 1/2", 1", 2" metal or wood blinds. Recently the "bamboo" blind was invented. It has 2" "bamboo/matchstick" slats that can be rotated/tilted so you can control light coming into a room and you can see between the slats.

A "shade" is generally made of "fabric" or "bamboo/reeds/matchstick" material. A shade can also be made of "honeycomb cellular" fabric for greater insulation, etc. Shades generally have to be hoisted up to clear a window so you can see out or let light in, etc....unless the fabric is "sheer" enough that you can see thru the fabric.

Blinds are typically "end" mounted, meaning their mounting brackets hold the headrails at the end of the headrails; however, blinds can also be mounted using "swivel" brackets and attaching them to the rear of the blind...much like shades.

Shades are typically "rear" mounted, meaning their mounting brackets are designed to attach to the rear of the headrail about 2" to 3" in from either side for smaller windows and may have center support rear mounted brackets for larger windows.

Those are the main distinguishing features between "blinds" and "shades".


    Question: What about "child safety"? What can be or is being done to protect small children from getting entangled in lift strings, etc.

    Answer: Hunter Douglas is probably the leader in incorporating "child safety" techniques in the design of their blinds and shades. There are "break away tassels" at the bottom of wood and mini blinds. "Continuous Loop Cords" keep the lift cords out of reach of small children and are attached through "spring tensioners" to the frame of windows. "Remote Control" devices such as the "PowerRise" headrail system can be purchased which eliminate cords and make it easier for you to raise/lower your Duette or Silhouette shades. Vertical blinds can be purchased without "chains" through the bottom of vanes and the controls can be simple twist wands which eliminate control strings and chains which run up and down the side of the vertical blind. There is also the "LiteRise" that eliminates lift cords for Duette, Applause, Pleated and other units; not to mention the "UltraGlide" system that uses a short cord which "retracts" to its original position after each pull to keep it out of the reach of small children. Browse around our site for pictures and information. Go to Child Safety for more on child safety, including pictures.



    Question: Do you have measuring and installation instructions online?

    Answer: Go to Measuring for measuring tips and Installation for installation included. Note: DO NOT take any deductions from your width x height dimensions. Place your order using the exact width x height dimensions you measured per the "Measuring" instructions above.



    Question: What's the fastest way to "see and touch" color and fabric samples?

    Answer: Drop by a local design center/department like Sears, Penney's, etc. Jot down the color name, number, and pattern/style name then order online at to save $$$ and get faster delivery! Or, just click on our Sample Request Form link here or on our Home Page to order available sample swatches.



    Question: How long from the date I place my order will it be before I receive my blinds/shades?

    Answer: 2-3 weeks for most products depending on where you live in relation to where your order is being shipped from. Arches, skylights, and other "specialty" blinds/shades  may take up to 4-5 weeks.



    Question: Where can I see pictures of the blinds or shades I am interested in?

    Answer: Generally right on our site. Just click the blind/shade type that you are interested in and scroll around. We are constantly adding information and pictures to our web pages in order to provide you with the information you need to make an informed decision. Color palettes are online or you can drop by a local design store (like Sears/Penney's, etc.) to take a look. Note color name and number as well as collection/pattern name.



    Question: How can I Place My Order? Will I get a receipt?

    Answer: The easiest and fastest way to place your order is right online using our secure order forms at Order Forms or click on any "Order Form" link or credit card logo anywhere on our website. You'll receive your order faster this way, receive an immediate "confirmation page" of your order sent to your monitor which you can print on your printer, and then we'll email a "price confirmation" to you. Of course you can always call in your order to 770.667.6224 or fax it to 404.420.2844.



    Question: What if I don't want to put my credit card number on your order form when I place my order online?

    Answer: Simply put "0's" all the way across the "credit card number" blank in our secure online order form.    Then, either call, fax, or email your credit card information to us. You'll still receive your "confirmation page" and emailed "price confirmation". Our Order Forms are encrypted for your security, so not to worry.



    Question: What is your Warranty?

    Answer: Manufacturer's Limited Lifetime Warranty: warrants/guarantees against defects in material and workmanship for the time the original purchaser owns the blind/shade providing it was properly installed in a residence or commercial location. Go to Manufacturers Warranty .
                                                                All product Warranties are the sole responsibility of the respective fabricator.



    Question: How much is shipping? What about sales tax?

    Answer: Free within continental U.S. up to 100" in width. Over 100"? Then "over sized freight" charge applies per the carrier: $125 and up charge for each unit over 100" in width. If ship to address is outside the U.S. purchaser must pay shipping costs. No sales tax outside of Georgia.



Question: What is your Return Policy?

Answer: Click here for full  "Return Policy" disclosure.



    Question: Do you send catalogs?

    Answer: We do not send catalogs....this keeps our prices low. Our catalog is online at for your convenience. If you want to "see and touch" the blinds and shades we sell please drop by a local design store like Sears/Penney's, etc. Jot down the color name and number then go to to place your order quickly and safely...and save $$$ and get faster delivery!



    Question: How do I clean and maintain by blinds and shades?

    Answer: Cleaning and Maintenance recommendations are online at Cleaning and Maintenance .



    Question: How about Privacy, Light Control, Heating/Cooling, and UV Ratings?

    Answer: Go to Energy .



Question: How do I get repairs and parts for my blinds/shades?

Answer: Just click here for our quick and easy Repairs & Parts Form.



Question: How do I get a quote for my blinds/shades?

Answer: Just click here for our quick and easy QUOTES. Make sure you review our "Measuring Tips" and list your width x height dimensions down to the nearest 1/8" (no 16ths, please).  The color numbers are important because they affect your price (they denote the fabric pattern/style and opacity...both contributing factors when computing price). You can type in any "Additional Details", like motorization/powerrise, arches, accessories (like hand-held remotes, timers, etc.) in the convenient "Additional Details" scrolling box....endless amount of space for your convenience.


For additional information please contact us.

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All product Warranties are the sole responsibility of the respective fabricator.

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